Edged Out

Expected ruddiness, but plenty of ruby-garnet right out to the rim. nice spicy nose, sagebrush and a plethora of assorted green-briar notes, some of them headed up into a slight hot-bitter bouquet. Asphalt and burnt tire, and lots of bitter dark chocolate in an otherwise baked cinnamon-sugar, crusty-butter melange. Fruit? Yeah, I suppose. What are we going to call it though? Soiled cherry. Brash melon. Unsweetened cranberry. And still that spine of pitchy graphite pervades.

The best piece of info I can find on this winery is here: https://www.goldmedalwineclub.com/winery/edgewood-estate-winery-napa-valley-ava but there is no date, it is fairly present-tense-worded, offers a lot of history, and I’m guessing the winery does not exist. Everything else on the web is a dead end. As soon as I post this though, my inbox will be flooded with messages from people way smarter than me with all the details. So I look forward to that.

In the mouth, dark supple cherry alongside a heavily-polished side-show of antique tertiaries. Dusty, but all that bitter brilliance I described in the nose is STILL here, a slight heat, a definite cut of angry brush or vegetal, bitter in the finish, where fruit has all but disappeared and tannins all but gone. There’s just this weird sharp bitter heat. It’s a gorgeous wine–really interesting and enjoyable to drink–but if we’re going to seriously dissect it (and face it: that’s what you all are HERE for), a bit off-kilter. Would have loved to taste 10 years ago. It’s not gone, just has some spine that hasn’t settled down.

2000 EDGEWOOD ESTATE Cabernet Sauvignon Frediani vyd. Napa Valley 14.0

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