Huck Finn

An ugly bitter graininess envelopes the nose. Part briar, part vegetal, part pitch and sage, all uncomfortable. Tiny notes of black cherry poke about–all riding on an alcoholic sled of discomfort and boringness.

This is the formerly–also forgettable–artist known as Sawyer of Rutherford which Foley bought in one of his weekly winery acquisitions as a hobby for his kid and wife. The entitlement has passed itself off into the bottle.

In the mouth, a bit more finesse and spirit. Tannin clamors against the senses almost from the entry. The peach-fuzz of the fruit in the nose bristle with life on the palate, creating lots of interesting things to look at and think about, but nowhere is there an elegance–even in a wiry young Rutherford way. Jellied fruit calms the nerves, but the oak and alcohol never will woo the wine 1%. They’re smarter than this. Disjointed and artificially enhanced, bland and uninteresting, it doesn’t have a chance–except at deep discount.

2015 FOLEY JOHNSON Cabernet Sauvignon Rutherford Napa Valley 15.1

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