Almost crystal-clear. The slightest brushing of yellow in the glass. Strong piquant grassy, vibrant briar and rooty nose with a high note of watered honey. Jasmine and lilac come off in bitter, broke-stem versions with stalwart metallic tones. Raw potato and kiwi and lemon thyme and marjoram round out–but come nowhere near completely explaining–my notes.

Grenache Blanc HAS to be one of the most complex white wines to describe. Even now–going back in–there’s a buttery notion pre-swirl before it heads back in to its complexity. This one is an absolute WINNER from Bevela–one of my favorite wines they make. We get a lot of GB here on the central coast, and a fair number of them cross my desk. I look forward to this one every time.

A blast of fresh air in the mouth. Crisp and light, apple-bottom curves on a lean frame, light nectarine and sharp watermelon pile onto a frame of tight mineral rasp which heads quickly into a long angsty finish of verve and spirit, bitter around the edges–core still chock-full of fruit.

2019 BEVELA WINES Grenache Blanc ‘White Lotus’ Camp 4 vyd SYV SBC 12.5


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