Celebrity Crush

Grassy green and spritely bright, scallion and celery and Herbs de Provence with a good chunk of dog-park… is there any white wine more signature aromatic than New World Sauvignon Blanc?

This one is rich and full–viscous even–a sophisticated bouquet not running anywhere NEAR some of the trademark (and I consider negative) descriptors you see #bubblegumblogger using to show her prowess with the variety. You all know the term I am referring to: and I will never use it–and if I DO, it is a negative.

Creamy and full in the mouth, shards of acid biting in on all sides. Peach and melon–heady and ripe–with a little oak plumpness. Gorgeous through-and-through, this isn’t exactly a bargain in terms of typical SB pricing, but I have tasted a bunch of the upper echelons of Napa Valley white bordeaux and this ranks right up there.

A lot has been said lately about celebrity wines, as seemingly EVERYBODY climbs in on the winemaking satus-point. I have stood by this brand from the beginning as one of the rare true celebrity wines that GET IT, and this sauv-blanc underscores that once again.

2016 YAO FAMILY WINES Napa Crest Sauvignon Blanc Oakville District Napa Valley 14.2


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