Home Sweet Home

Not sure this wine was intended to sit around this long and don’t even know if they even make it anymore, but this is Big Basin’s little 20$ GSM-cab-carignane kitchen sink blend I have loved many times off brestaurant lists and found this orphan today in the cellar. Big Basin needs no introduction to the wine1percent OR loyal readers, as their pinot & syrah offerings woo me over and over (at several times this price tho…).

Nice grainy thick nose with massive spice, dark cherry Coke and a shit-ton of structure. Actually softer on the palate than comes across in the bouquet, feeling a touch flabby and def polished. This was never designed to be a blockbuster wine, and headed into 7 it is definitely showing a soft fruitiness, round and sweet, full and at peak, tannins no where near what I thought they would be from the nose. Not even complaining. Gorgeous stuff.

2013 BIG BASIN VINEYARDS ‘Homestead’ sy/cg/gr/mv/cab 30/26/22/19/3 California 14.5


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