I’m not going to let the screw-top and vague-bro screen-print sway me from liking. Nice medium-density ruby in the glass. Flush while tart, a simple nose of rich *red wine* brings a tight grouping of licorice, conifer, sandy spice and promises of greater things. It gets a little dreary with air, bogging down in dark thoughts and concentrated sins.

No idea who makes this–it was a gift–but there’s a deep abrasive texture that solidifies it as #1 CAB and #2 a pretty solid version. While Paso Robles, Sonoma, and Napa cabs are plethoric in this sort of packaging–almost ALWAYS with big chubby asterisks of 99% palate-marketing–I can’t remember any Santa Barbara producers doing any sort of bottlings of this sort.

Clean and tight in the mouth. Cool brilliance in the fruit category, very distinct cherry and cassis with nice acidity and pretty stellar balance. Dark woodsy under-pinnings but honestly my visions of stupendously oaky bullshit are dashed–everything is in pretty stellar balance here. It’s not a super-sophisticated cabernet–don’t get me wrong–but at the same time it doesn’t whore itself out like a handful of similar labels fresh on my mind.

I have no idea what this costs but I’m hoping 25-35 dollar range because if it is far cheaper: it is the bargain of the decade, but if much more: I wouldn’t bother. Serious crowd-pleaser. I could sell END CAPS of this stuff, and on a restaurant house-list would prove more-than-adequate for the red-meat mavens. This wine is probably the finest stepping-stone to real cabernet I have seen in a while.

Nice tannin. All wrapped up in a sweetish finish but beguilingly cabernet. I’m not going be too hard on this wine. I WANTED to be, but it’s just not fair. It really hasn’t committed any crimes. I’d buy this. I’d decant the FUCK out of it and pass it around to other tables. It’s a simple wine but it’s a decently-made cab. Or is it a simple cab and a decently-made wine? Hmmm. Those are the questions that keep me awake at night.

2016 PROXIMITY 26 Cabernet Sauvignon Santa Barbara Co. 14.6

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