Deck the Halls

Absolutely pristine wine. A little brick, but solidly ruby-garnet at the core. I didn’t say it was great wine, but completely perfect and not tired. Provenance was a non-wine person, stored under a sink cabinet in a heavily air-conditioned retail (not wine) shop in a VERY hot town in California. Obviously not a stellar producer or anything, but still in somewhat shock how it has held up. This is what? a 12-15$ bottle of wine? A little murky barnyard on the nose, ample fruit–nice deep berry and some woodsy nuances. Clean and bright and–TBH–lovely. Quite a surprise.

Perfect mouthfeel, no tertiary at all. Solidly acidic, gobs of mellow berry, middle strong, poised with dusty spice and more dark fruit. Finish nice and tart, tannins soft but I don’t feel they are *polished* but rather probably nearly identical as release. It doesn’t pain me at all to place this wine in the *very well made* category.

Color me surprised and enough so as to be considering going out to a supermarket and finding a new release for comparison. Think it has changed? Perched up there on the hill with Arciero and Vina Robles, kinda the *plonk* capitol of Paso. Did Don Brady make this? I’ve had a few of his personal wines on here but this is the FIRST Robert Hall on the blog.

2009 ROBERT HALL WINERY Syrah Paso Robles California 14.5

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