A pale canary opens to seaweed wrapped in Saran Wrap drying slowly in the sun. Wet feather abrasiveness and freshly-opened canned food minerality. Vague vegetal… leek soup, chorizo, dog-poop on the sidewalk, maybe a dash of cardboard to richen things up.

A thin wash in the mouth, no redeeming qualities, but also nothing ridiculously offending. Obligatory bitterness tells you it IS wine, just a sad version of it. Listen: I’m not going to be too hard on this bottle. Lord knows it doesn’t cost very much, and there are FAR worse examples of white available. It’s just: WHY. A watery disaster of broken dreams and displaced spirit masquerading as something original. Just don’t.

2016 MULDERBOSCH Chenin Blanc South Africa 13.5

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