Red Red Wine

Impenetrable black density with a microscopic ruby rim and considerable sediment. Gigantic warm ripe berry on the nose, more massive density nearly overwhelming at its core. Spicy perfume runs hot and dank but the sweetness of the massive fruit creates stuff PS dreams are made of.

The mouthfeel takes a moment to get going–kinda that whole Roadrunner legs burning out and then BLAM: gone. One of those examples of the variety SO dense and obfuscating initially your taste-buds have to play catch-up to process. Beautiful grating berry, an envisioning of blackberry and cassis so hot sweaty sex you’ll turn a ceiling-fan on and lay on top of the covers. Tannins soft, but this is NOT a big flabby Petite Sirah. Quite the contrary. Clean and confident in its display of chubby, chewy decadence.

Extremely well-made and a near-textbook version of the variety. It’s just a flat-out beautiful wine start-to-finish. And when you see the price… well… I try not to factor price-points into my reviews, but with this brand it is hard to ignore. I still say the Barbera and Ruby Cab are my favorite from this label, but oh man this thing is good. Smoky, perfumed, concentrated, fruity perfection.

2016 CARDELLA WINERY Petite Sirah Francisco’s VYD Mendota California 14.25

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