Mountain-cool and Windex-clear and–like everything they make–will be unlike almost everything you have tasted from this variety. Full ripe nose shining of Chardonnay, a little newsprint and neutral barrel bringing creamy decadence to a nose full of melon and apple and green brushy charm. Dank burnished tones to the herbaceous play well with the slight tropical.

This little organic and low-intervention producer will draw you in with their labels and blow you away with their interpretations of the classics (and some Italian stuff too). FIND IT. ALL OF THEM.

No mistaking Chardonnay in the mouth. Absolutely NAILS the variety with almond and pineapple warmth brought to shocking life with turgid acidity. Minerality spears through it, intersecting the rich pear, banana and souffle with tongue-curling perfection. Bitter and dry in the finish–again bringing forth nuances rare in California–but the buttery beauty of the variety never fades.

2018 INSERRATA ‘Inedito’ Chardonnay Toscano Italy 14.0


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