Pure Magic

A most distinctive nose of hard red fruit, stony and ashen. Fruit-forward and fresh, screaming with acid and minerality, not slutty in the least. Welchy and round on first swirl, going saline and crisp deeper in. A more pristine example of Cotes du Rhone would be hard to find in California, and especially the South Central Coast. Black tones of ripeness chime in on the lovely freshness–nearly perfect to smell, and drinking it proves even more balance.

Entry rolls your eyes back in their sockets. The shock of structure begins early and never misses a beat. Delicious, thin berry and plum dance throughout, the bitter rasp never quite over-taking but impossible to ignore. Not a chubby round version–and for many, that will be its downfall–but for those of us in the wine 1%, it is awash in beautiful, balanced glory. A bit tart: a couple more years are needed to settle it down. Dark and grainy and nearly harsh at times, an absolute STUNNER.

Holus Bolus and Black Sheep Finds stay in the shadows of popularity and are definitely a geeky find. I have loved Every. Single. Thing. I have tasted from them, as they buck the flabby extraction-monsters of the area and concentrate on clear finesse for geeks. This is their little 25$ Tuesday-banger and I DARE you to find a better value in California.

2016 BLACK SHEEP FINDS ‘Hocus Pocus’ Syrah Santa Barbara Co. 14.0


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