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The Fog Eater remains one of the iconic Anderson Valley interpretations of pinot from the region. Round and fleshy, a good chunk of oak, thin and vibrant while still capturing all of the green briary nuances so typical. While newcomers purchasing property and sold-out labels have brought the 99% version of pinot to the world, a few still manage the absolute perfection of pinot noir spirit many of us old-timers remember from before this AVA was a household name. I can’t think of another region so originally singular in style that the rich, round, syrah-infused bling-bro’s and influencer-discoveries have so obfuscated with the purchasing-power of Napa. Many years ago there was a slogan: Don’t Californicate Oregon, and to that, I might twist into: Don’t belle glos Anderson Valley. While not exactly Burgundianly awkward and dirty like the Navarros or the Husch’s, this wine still doesn’t sell out the valley: it blends the dirty brilliance of mountain fruit and careful extraction of pure cold-climate Pinot experience into a package all can enjoy.

2015 DREW ‘The Fog Eater’ Pinot Noir Anderson Valley Mendocino Co. California 13.6


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