The Gold Standard

A toasty, almost buttered-popcorn nose greets. Down inside, creamy fruit lurks, asparagus and sultry melon, grassy loam and the spectre of nectarine. Oblique wet stone coats all in subdues tones, never rising to quite a *petrichor* level–the pure plushness always stands in the way.

Subtlety rich on the palate, an extravagant white never whoring itself out to pure in-your-face power, instead taking calm, collected steps to stack all the elegant parts into a tower of finesse. Vibrantly thin, the bitter of structure making claim to the mouthfeel in calculated ways. Cold, it instills bright fruity acid and dank thoughts, at warmer temperatures the flow of nectar over the tongue make strides toward a rich nutty elegance. Find the sweet-spot and you have a wine–while pleasing on both sides–dark and complex, full of life and begging for age.

2019 TERMINIM ‘Cepages d’Or Marsanne/Roussanne/Viognier/PB 54/22/12/12 Alder Springs Vyd Mendocino Co. California 13.5

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