Mac the Knife

A hazy garnet beauty, ruby at the core with clear-edged washidness distinct and lipid. Moderate tertiary flows out of the glass, all wrapped around thick ripe fruit and spice with the promise of acid. Grainy and woody, the briar polished down to full broken root and banana tropical. Maraschino Luxardo fulfils your almost-ten year old expectations, everything smoothed and dark, no fruit-FWD flash-in-the-pan freshness, all decadent Merlot goodness from a cool climate doing its thing.

The far Southern tip of Monterey county has this magical little place far more known for its Chardonnay than anything else. A bit of pinot, but Arroyo Seco is chard country–no mistaking. But think about it: Carneros makes the best Merlot in the new world but is better known for pinot and chard, so why wouldn’t Arroyo Seco make great Merlot? Here’s a prime example.

Luscious and filling in the mouth, no hollow *donut wine* here, brilliant deep cherry and abrasive raspberry attack early and often, carrying the middle solidly with fat gushing fruit and spice. Everything you need to know about Merlot is right here in the glass in front of you–none of that oak-induced coma stuff on the supermarket top shelves, none of that effluent early berry followed by wantonness. Here we have a Merlot with the full package start-to-finish. Subtle in its depth, copious in its elegance, edgy in its structure: what more could you ask of a wine?

A stunning, bargain wine in every aspect. I’m lovin it.

2011 McINTYRE VINEYARDS Merlot Kimberly Vyd Arroyo Seco Monterey Co. California 14.5

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