Rock This Top

Haven’t visited this brand for at least a decade–having cut my teeth on Amador and the Sierra Foothills back in the late 80’s and 90’s. This is a little screw-top bargain and I remember the Rocky Top being a great entry-level Zin from this label. Clean and buttery in the nose, lots of rosy fruit, without the burn or burnt as oftimes comes with Sierra bottlings. That is definitely a GOOD thing. Beautiful crisp berry and a bit of spice–nothing much more complex than that. Nor is there needed. The age of in-your-face Zinfandels is OVER, thank dog, and this plays well into that sturdy arena of varietal-correctness while not succumbing to the *jam & vodka* situation so many feel are testament to this grape.

Zingy backbone plays early into the mouthfeel, but there’s nothing acute or obtuse about the wine. Mellow and pleasing, gobs of rich cherry flow over the tongue with curls of acid tingling the edges into perfection. No tannin to speak of, the whole package a smooth beautiful ambassador for the delectable sunshine that IS California zinfandel. Gritty rough-shod background remind you it is NOT fooling around, and a well-priced, solidly-fruited, not slutty example would be a LOT harder to find.

One of the cleanest, most flawless Zinfandels I have tasted in some time. Not trying too hard but not falling short. Pretty much perfection.

BTW, I have visited this winery a million times, and their wine-history museum is something NOT to be missed. Lots of history here, and if you don’t understand Amador’s connection to Napa’s wine-making lineage in California, you need to hit the books.

2018 SOBON ESTATE Zinfandel ‘Rocky Top’ Amador Co. Sierra Foothills 14.5

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