Mt. Corona

Dense pristine purple-red with a thin clear edge. Lavish mineral edge in teh nose, bristly and bright, aligning a clean, straight-forward angle of Old-World nuance. Full rich cherry, elegant and well-made, dark sultry meanderings beneath promise a wine of substance and character.

This is one of those brands you see dominated by acres of bad Pinot Grigio, Moscato and rosé of a significant lower price level clearly aimed at the least-discerning of wine consumer and trotted out–often #sponsored–by the most vapid of bloggers. So when I saw a slightly more-expensive Dolomite red on the shelf, my curiosity was piqued. Probably Teroldego and some other things, I just HAD to try it. And my impression of them has gone way up for it, despite the amount of English on the label.

Drinking it is pure joy. Concentrated to Northern-Italian levels, the cranberry and pie-cherry twist gobs of acid into a green, bitter culmination of texture absolutely fraught with tannin. It’s a lovely wine, teeth-wipingly granular and dry beyond comprehension, even in the brash finish, liquid gold trickles down your throat, bringing a smile to your face and begging for another observatory sip.

At around 10-15 dollars US, this thing is a sure-fire WIN, bringing basically everything you look for in a simple red to a party many wines double or triple the price can not deliver. Well done.

2017 MEZZACORONA Proprietary Red Blend ‘Cliffhanger Vineyards’ Teroldego/Lagrein 70/30 Dolomiti Trentino Italy 13.0

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