Hillside Placemark

Full clear nose, dull spice and a fragment of barnyard fleshing thing up. A VERY nice pure Cabernet nose, silky and restrained, sweet nectar with a cedar-plank vision, an herbaceous twist, a little dirty licorice and tobacco keeping the bright cherry in control.

The palate continues to please. Bright and striking, perfect balance, no overt oak or concentration cheapening things or pandering to the 99%. But it’s still a wine they can love–not geeky-weird or harshly green or tannic. The acidic display starts early and melds seamlessly into brilliant tannin, maraschino syrup density of fruit–but not syrupy-textured–a constant reminder all through the finish. The smoky cherry packs a mineralific edge, making it a tasty package.

This is a gorgeous little wine, well-made, packed with flavor, staying in its lane though–not swinging for the benches like so many do. Clean and nice and solid A -to- Z.

2014 KULETO ESTATE Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 14.8


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