By By Birdie

Easily one of the most gorgeous *older* cabs I’ve had in some time. Gonna haveta scroll back and see for sure, but nothing in recent memory is pushing all the buttons like this thing. Translucent ruby right out to a pink edge, no brick at all. The nose… OMG the nose. The headiest perfume, deep floral, Christmas spice, dutiful pee and hay, rubber and worn wood–the WHOLE dusty funky barnyard chorus singing full-tilt behind smoky dense cherry, pomegranate, clear cold mountain air turning to snowy creeks rumbling on granite, sun-dappled and fern-ridden. Literally EVERYTHING you can conjure for pure, clean fragrant wine with tons of tertiary. All this while rosy and full-candied: just touching on maraschino at the corners.

Instant bitter brilliance on the tongue. Thick fruit dances in all directions, but the Alexander Valley theme never gets out of sight. Chunky tannin doesn’t wait for the finish to wow, it climbs into the fight early and eagerly, perfect black-walnut reduction not-so-delicately massaging and counter-pointing the full rich berry. Never heavy. never plodding. No jam, no thick concentration, no alcohol. Just absolute perfection in a cab.

2005 BYINGTON WINERY Cabernet Sauvignon Alexander Valley Reichel VYD Sonoma Co. 13.8

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