More of the Same

A few words on this I think are necessary for the fans of this bottling in light of my under-whelmed-ness with the 2016 vintage. At 6, this is classic Korbel Natural, although my bubble has been burst on sweetness and I am now judging hard. This seems back to my normal experience, starting to develope some toasty nuances and fully dry. Creamy and round, applesauce and piquant plum–even strawberry–a substantial acid following through making it bright and beautiful. Like I said before, the next vintage will be readily judged as to the 2016 being a fluke, or a change of direction in wine profile. gets popcorn

2014 #KORBEL ‘Natural’ #champagne PN/CH 70/30 #RussianRiverValley #Sonoma Co. 12.5

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