When Whites go Red

Smoke, neutral barrel and muddy boot in the nose, a little burnt latex warmth becoming black-walnut heady and a bit of ripe pear if you look for it. Other than that, the minerality and gamy-ness pretty much CONTROL the aroma, green vegetal and all. I could *almost* call this Sancerre–blind–it is extremely *French* smelling, and despite the lack of any positively-identifiable fruit characteristics gushing out, it totally works. It is just not Kool-Aid. It’s got serious stuff to do today.

The mouth trades things around, with soft beautiful apple, pear, plum and nectarine advancing the cool entry. Sweet and refined along the shrill acidic walls that confine it, some of those bouquet meanderings in the peat & vegetable patch come back to visit in the finish.

This is a thinking man’s white wine for sure. Not a chug-a-lug fruit-bomb fest or lush floral/spice fest. I am going to guess it is quite low in alcohol but has a bit of sugar left over and I’m gonna put the acidity close to 7. This is kinda a weird wine. COMPLETE wine1percent wine. It’s gorgeous.

2017 ANTHONY BUCHANAN Pinot Blanc Lawson British Columbia Canada 12.5


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