Raising Arizona

And the trip down Azirona wines continues… Picked up this baby at the TR in Cottonwood–clearly one of the better labels of the local offerings (Masi anyone?) but you KNOW I don’t buy wine for the labels. OK maybe this time just a lil bit…

Garnet to the core, running milky orange amber hard out to a wide clear edge. Very *warm* and *ripe* in the nose, well put together in that there is no awkwardness as some noses have had down here, but definitely chubby. Even sweet. Warm and toasty throughout the bouquet, a bit of spice and briar but gnarled down in viscous syrup.

Sweet cinnamon in the mouth, a spice-cake blend rich and full. Easily the most concentrated red I have had this week, and accompanied with the warm-weather taint of seared butter and browning fruit. The propensity for prune dangles hard. Great acid though, morphing seamlessly into a bit of something I am going to call more burn than tannin. Flabby and sweet in the finish, this is probably THE most commercially-themed wine I have had. I could sell END CAPS of this stuff. I’ve been harping all week on these beautiful thin AZ wines and wondering WHERE IS THE BIG WARM-CLIMATE CHUNKY STUFF??? Well I found it. This smacks of Paso and Temecula and *red blend California* and even Napa like nothing else visited this trip.

The thing about this wine though is that it’s actually interesting. That core of spice and acid has NOT gone un-noticed by me, and extra points are granted. An easy-drinking GSM with spine but def ripe.

2014 CARLSON CREEK ‘Rule of Three’ GSM Camp Verde Arizona 14.5


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