No Feud

Back home and digging into something warm and comfortable. Beautiful funky nose, all greenery and cellar floor and squished bug, deep ruby with that gunsmoke texture in the bouquet, raspy and fruited and rich with candied cherries and dusty rose preserves.

Spicy and mellow-fruited on the palate, a sweet thin pomegranate encapsulating polishing acids and falling off into crisp cool dryness. The love of Aglianico is pure but not simple here and the whole package just clicks seamlessly: feeling like a nice drinking window, too. By the time tertiary is noticeable, I feel fruit can be long gone on these little babies, and too often you end up with things in your cellar that are more *interesting* than actually *yummy*. DON’T BE THAT WINE COLLECTOR.

2013 FEUDI DO SAN GREGORIO ‘Rubrato’ Aglianico Irpinia Italy 13.5

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