I Wish I had this at Summer Camp

Sunday afternoon wind-down with a fun new wine from Obsidian Wine Co’s DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE project of naturaler bubbles. There’s a couple pet-nats (yes even a red one), a cider-pear-sauv-blanc thing and this piquette in 500ml–absolutely the PERFECT size for wines like this.

Cloudy and orange, generous sediment, a nose of straight up lychee, canned apricots in heavy syrup and fresh wildflowers. SOOOO much sweet fruit in the nose! No cider-y nuances at all. It is not sweet in the mouth though, thank Dog. Clean and focused, no off-flavors, natural-wine tendencies or even cellar floor. Like ridiculously watered-down orange juice with an earnest, sophisticated core and a spritzy tang. This little 7point7 wonder is total win, and just in time for summer.

2020 OBSIDIAN WINE CO ‘Máslás’ Piquette North Coast 7.7


2 thoughts on “I Wish I had this at Summer Camp

    1. It’s really good. I actually might like it better than the winemaker’s personal label of piquette, although this is where he probably sends me a message saying they are literally the exact same wine. It’s basically a beer though, and at 16$, I mean–it seems like kinda an expensive beer, no? Maybe craft tall boys are 16 bucks now, I dunno.


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