Hick Teller

Grassy, diesel beauty effusive and tinged with the kind of weedy briar white wines of this nature should. A tiny spritz visible in the released-bottle top and noticeable on the tongue. Ripe melon and floral, rich and gobbstopping, a dirty old-world cellar-floor piquantness solidifying the barnyard and gym-sock beauty wines like this MUST HAVE to be viable. The bright blossom in the nose goes tête-à-tête with the light petrol and splashing weedy briar vibrantly DEFINING a non-boring white wine. Wines like this need no introduction to the 1%–how much magic can you possibly pack into a cheap hock bottle from Waschau???

In the mouth, stemmy minerality is the driving force: at once fruity and refreshing–on the other hand resplendent in vegetal funk delicious and ripe, round without chunkiness and angular perfection. Sharp and invigorating, the acid punches massive holes in any sweet-fruity situation you may have fantasized. The raspy mineral is the tastal fore-front–both in nose and palate–but the pure melon and white-raisin sweetness carve a mouth-feel far out-pacing the austerity of Riesling and the tropical of Gewurztraminer. The petrol re-surfaces on the palate, but is blown away by all the absolute fresh NIRVANA this wine expresses. Buy as much of it as you can afford and serve it to EVERYONE. You’re gonna be a winner.

How you pack so much wonderfulness into a tiny bottle of wine is one of the questions for the ages.

2017 WEINGUT MARIA HICK Muscat ‘Terrassen’ Ried Stiegelstal Wachau Austria 12.5


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