Singular soapy burnt of nose, a dusty rendition of black fruit bereft of complication or freshness. Oily, thick and muted, the briar a rotten membrane holding oxidation and flatulence together. Difficult to smell–even harder to taste.

Explosive heat and stewed concentration dominate the entry. The shocking sear of heat obfuscates EVERYTHING, while prune pitches its tent for solidarity. Funeral pyre, electrical fire and jalapeno fyre try to fabricate a semblance of wine far from *Bordeaux blend*. Bitter and disgusting, fruit an onslaught of insults bent on chemical insinuation and faulty herbaceous insemination. Please make this wine go away.

2013 VOLANTE ‘Cuvee’ PV/CF/Cab/Bec 50/21/11/10 McCoy Vineyard Fountaingrove District Sonoma Co. 15.2

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