Good to the Last Drop

That moment you walk into a wine-shop for lunch and find yourself surrounded by local bottles of tired varieties which require little imagination and for which you have no curiosity… the woman starts ticking off all the flavors I will find in the half-dozen BTG selections–a conversation from which I turn aimlessly and mid-description–BUT LO! WHAT is this gem I spy! Sad and alone on the bottom shelf, glowing fiercely with indignation, neither casting her eyes left or right to dignify the company–A SINGLE BOTTLE OF MENCIA! “What on EARTH are you doing here?” I exclaim. “Come here my sweets,” placing it on the counter in front of the still-mumbling matron and in full view of the now-silent shelves.

Judging from the age, a true orphan: no doubt brought in by a former buyer with a pulse–and I will gladly share their enthusiasm this one last lunch. Deliciously dark–an opaque sort of garnet–nose bursting with all the greenery and vegetal mire the variety demands. But it’s ripe: the cherry thick and lavish, the age promoting its intensity.

In the mouth, EVERYTHING you want from a Mencia, but with the added philosophy of ripeness. Probably the world’s most perfect *Intro to Mencia*. For people still a bit oogy on the peaty or tomato-vine qualities of wines like this–or Cru Beaujolais… or Chinon for that matter–here is a big juicy version: but nowhere NEAR a sell-out. Gorgeous wine, and the price: OMG.

2015 VINOS VALTUILLE ‘Pago de Valdoneje’ Mencia Bierzo DO Spain 14.0

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