Teroldego Rosé

Labor Day weekend in the US and you know what THAT means: Tourist season is over, #roséseason is over, and I have to put away my white linen pants! Decided to pull this Poggio La Noce beauty out for the grand finale. I’m assuming it’s Sangiovese–a variety I have been known to break my strict *Grenache-only* rosé rules for. Wait. Checking the label, it is Teroldego! Hold on now: this is from Tuscany! Is Tuscany in Northern Italy? Not sure I’ve had Toscano Teroldego, but here we are–and it’s an interesting version.

Warm onion-skin with a pinkish sway in the glass. Clean nose of soft berry with slight grassiness, but more savory straw than anything in bouquet. Crisp and green, with increments of vegetal winning over overt fruitiness. Just the way I like them.

Rather un-fruited on the palate–again: I’m not complaining, as my preference for Provence sways all my opinions on such things. Achingly dry and rife with acid, it’s all cool, clean, thin beauty across the mouth. Spicy and biting, firm strawberry and green tea dominate a watery mouth-feel. Perfectly abrupt and sharply tinctured, a gorgeous rosé through-and-through.

2018 POGGIO LA NOCE ‘Pinko Pallino’ Teroldego Toscana IGT Italy 12.5


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