Pet Gold

Always look forward to getting into the new wines from Poggio La Noce, and now these wines are SO easy to get in the US! (also their olive oil). This pet-nat is called a “rosé”, but I’m having trouble finding anything even slightly pink about it. I’m sure they’re referring to variety and method more than actual *blushiness* in the glass–which I totally get–because I’ve seen Gewurztraminers pinker than this! No indication of variety on the label either–and after the Teroldego twist on their still rosé last week, I’m definitely keeping my mind open to the Tuscan possibilities. I’m gonna go ahead and call this pale, clear yellow–a bit cloudy–initial-pour bubbles creating foam and then disappearing. A bit of a cider-y nose, clean and apple-y–simple and refreshing–without much more.

In the mouth, there’s a lot more going on. Nice, crisp bite–shockingly acidic–the suspended spritz driving the acid into your pores. Almost tannic in the finish, after the plum and pear have done their work. Numerous *sparkling white wines* cross my desk regularly, and it’s actually refreshing to have something vaguely “un-varietal” and purely a sparkling wine–in the classic Champagne vein–without the variety-asterisk from the front label. A clean, simple, un-assuming pop-top, I can’t really find too much fault with it.

2020 POGGIO LA NOCE “Pet’golo” Methode Ancestrale Sangio/Teroldego Toscana Italy 11.5

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