Sand Nap

Dark purple with ruby-red edge and thin clear rim. Dull, un-fruited nose: moldy and oxidized, what semblance of black cherry exists forms a plasticine layer over the card-boardy bouquet, enlivened only slightly by a sliver of Christmas spice, pinot-y funk and a pop of hard candy. Smelling it is not uncharacteristic of a multitude of boring *red blends* of BTG-duty: offending no one but the wine 1% by their complete lack of inspiration and complexity.

It neither redeems itself or sinks farther on the palate, maintaining its abandon of extreme with bitter, watery boring-ness. What tiny thread of *fruit* manages to weave itself onto the tongue is immediately quashed by burning synthetic rage–the after-math of which feels decidedly dish-water sweet. Putrid of nose, hollow of mouth-feel and jagged in balance, a wine quite impossible to like or rationalize redeeming value in.

2017 SAND RECKONER VINEYARDS ‘Red Wine’ SY/Zin/PS/Tannat 70/17/8/5 Cochise Co. Arizona 14.0

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