Scary Garey

Pinot from Paso… World’s shortest book! Except this isn’t grown in Paso–although it kinda smells and tastes like it. Thick garnet in the glass, ambering heavily towards the rim. Burnt, concentrated fruit dominates the nose, a dirty–rather un-fresh stew of candied cherry and overt leather and alcohol. There’s quite no redeeming *pinot* earth, funk or barnyard apparent in it.

Tasting it changes nothing. Only the added redemption of slight tannin near the finish. I say “near finish” because tannins are not the final nuance. Alcohol, peppery and burning, are your last thoughts, and everything coming before becomes null. The cherry on entry is a watery affair, with considerable tannic abrasion following. Rather vapid over the middle, there just isn’t too much good to say about this wine. Stick to all the other fabulous reds they make.

2014 POMAR JUNCTION VINEYARD Pinot Noir Garey Ranch Santa Maria Valley Central Coast California 14.8

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