A deal you can’t refuse.

Interesting négociant project… Turned on to at a local shop and couldn’t resist the story OR price. Grabbed a few different ones… they’ll pop up here in the next few weeks. DON’T CLICK AROUND!

This one pours dark ruby-blue, with a bit of an unfiltered opaqueness. Nice fairly-serious fruit in the nose, warm-weather-tinged and quite focused. No shallow supermarket or cheap-plonk fruit-forwardness here: this thing means BUSINESS. Good thick cherry and peach; rhubarb and dry herbs in a clean, direct presentation reeking of quality and top-notch wine-making. Rosy and elegant, no brash edges or funk, just cool, calm, clean red wine.

A dark, concentrated pill to swallow, it displays almost its whole hand of berry on entrance, leaving structure to sort out the pieces. Bitter grapefruit hits hard, shocking the resolution of the fruit. It thins perfectly over the middle, allowing copious acid and all the thick, black things we love about Nero d’Avola to sparkle–or rather: sully things about. Pomegranate pith abrasion rules the booming tannins, and the whole thing BEGS for another sip.

Really a spectacular wine, bright and cheery where it needs to be, devastatingly solemn in others. Cherubic fruit goes hand-in-hand with significant body in perfect balance. I love how the négociant is merely a by-line on the label, and the producer is displayed prominently. A great nod to *wine-making of place* without erasing the source with ego and obfuscation. FIND IT. And now that I’ve visited the website to get the link: there are a plethora and I want to try them all!

2019 MARY TAYLOR ‘Sicilia Rosso’ Annamaria Sala Nero d’Avola Sicily DOC Italy 13.5


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