Please Don’t be Rich

Creamy and delicious, showing all the love of California and the Russian River Valley–but still reflecting a medium canary in the glass and the bite and brittle of Chablis. Flush with almond milk and slight weedy briar in the nose, with plenty of earthy goodness balancing the vanilla and caramel.

In the mouth, delicate and shyly elegant: not blowing up the dials with oak & malo sluttiness or even rich tropical. It’s a toasty sort of pear and nectarine on the palate, perfectly thin and spicy, peppery alcohol bolstering the finish.

I would say this is a Chardonnay for the long-run. Even the wine-maker put a Diam10 in it, and I think it could go 20 with ease. Everything is there–and nothing extra to flub it up.

2019 MARITANA VINEYARDS Chardonnay Richie Vyd Russian River Valley Sonoma 14.0

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