Three Quick Hits

Coupla quick notes on some bottles I took to a party tonight… The Veuve rosé was flowin and not too many people interested in red wine, but mildly interesting wines for their own reasons…. Didn’t really intend to grab 2 cabs from the *Vintage of the Decade* but here we are.

First up 2013 Arrowood KV from mag. Ridiculously tight and un-glowing. Nose shallow and vague–not a whole lot going on in this thing. Mediocre fruit, Sonoma forgettable-ness through-and through. Never really showed anything particularly inspiring or individual: solid not-over-ripe berry and medium tannin–that’s about it. Will be gassed and I look forward to tasting tomorrow. It might decide to open up to something compelling or at least notable.

Alongside was Inglenook’s little 1882 second-label–or third or fourth or whatever… not really sure WHERE this fits into their line-up, though it’s not stupidly expensive. 2013 again, and rich berry flows out of the nose edged in slight mint and eucalyptus. Nice briary base-line to the ripe black cherry and plum, tannins not aggressive enough to completely eviscerate the fruit. A nice, solid Napa Cab I reviewed a couple years ago and recall not being blown away then, either.

Dragged out a Loring SLH for this group who typically enjoy fairly ripe Pinots. Dark brownish ruby in the glass, a nose toasty and ripe, showing concentration gobbling up the Pinot-esque nuances though the provenance was undeniable. Thick and rich in the mouth, glorious leather and tobacco mingling with the dark–almost oxidized–polish this bottle is showing.

2013 ARROWOOD Cabernet Sauvignon Knight’s Valley Sonoma Co. 14.5
2013 NIEBAUM ESTATE ‘1882’ Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 14.5
2018 LORING WINE CO Pinot Noir Cortada Alta Vyd Santa Lucia Highlands Monterey Co. 14.3

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