Yes Man

Wine number 2 from the new Randall Grahm-inspired releases from Gallo… Last week’s Santa Maria Valley Grenache was a pleasant affair, showing a little bit of classic Le Cigare Volant funk on initial pour and then becoming a medium-bodied, well-fruited affair, clean and nice but lacking any heavily-notable individuality. This wine smells more like said former flagship than the GRENACHE did–which causes a little head-shaking. The Syrah is also from Rancho Real, and pours a rich ruby with a narrow blue-pink rim. QUITE funky in the nose: a toasty compost tinted with stemminess and pie-cherry piquantness.

In the mouth, I have to say instantly I like it better than the Grenache. There’s a pizzazz to it–clearly working together with lower alcohol and WC–shining bright across the tongue. Achingly dry and raspy–while still allowing plenty of beautiful thin berry to protrude–the tannins are a rather thin situation, despite the chalky, graphite grip through-out.

Again, this is a nice, solidly-made wine showing just a teensy bit of *edge* over the majority of like wines produced in the region. Don’t go into this expecting Le Cigare Volant, but it’s also not Peter Vella Hearty Burgundy. It’s somewhere in the middle.

2020 THE LANGUAGE OF YES Syrah Rancho Real Vyd. Santa Maria Valley Santa Barbara Co. 13.9

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