Yin & Yang

Couple little oddball experiments tonight: bubbles in the front–Grenache in the rear. Didn’t know Field Recordings had a piquette, but lots of people getting on that train in CA right now. This one’s a glowing milky pink with gobs of foamy bubbles and a SUPER funky nose starting out hardcore barnyard and settling down to *green-wine* somewhat-sensibility. Fruit is kinda hard to place behind all the #naturalwine patina, but I’m gonna go with blueberry and strawberry.

Tasting it presents a calmer, slightly more elegant wine: Packed with plum and sharp berry, the acid and spritz working together sharply. Rather robust throughout, cider-y nuances kept to a minimum but never at zero. Overall, quite nicely done and a solid glass of wine I have enjoyed over several evenings. Capped in the fridge, the bubbles go nowhere. One of my favorite brands in Paso Robles making lots of fun, fresh, low-intervention stuff. Quite the opposite of most offerings from the region.

Found the Foxen on a clearance shelf… had numerous Pinots and cabs from them over the years but can’t recall my last Grenache. Deep clear ruby with a thin rim–no garnet or purple for hints. Flush with smooth velvety fruit in the nose, ripeness touching on oxidized and rather chubbily one-dimensional. Black cherry and warm asphalt head off slight herbaceousness–both very small nuances buried under the sweet, dark berry.

Tasted it at 70°… chilled it down to 60°… trying to find the sweet-spot for something–ANYTHING–to spark this bottle out of its fleshy glow. Ripe, full entry packed with simple berry, welcome abrasion filling in the empty voids with chalky angst and peppery toast. It finishes bright, with a fair amount of tannin and orange peel. An easy-drinking wine–stuck in wishy-washy land between *safe* and *vague*.

NV FIELD RECORDINGS ‘PPP’ Piquette Sparkling Red Wine Paso Robles 12.0 (bottle) 7.0 (website)
2017 FOXEN ‘Cuvee Jeanne Marie’ GR/MV 70/30 Williamson-Dore Vyd Los Olivos Dist. SYV SBC 14.5


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