Paso on a Budget

Pretty sure this wine is sold out–and even current-er vintages–as is happening more and more with this young producer’s wines. So definitely grab them on release, as they represent some of the greatest values in CA wine these days. NSO is Dusty’s *bargain* label, sourced from some of the same great vineyards his flagship wines are–but all around 20 bucks, making them great school-night bangers.

Clear dark ruby in the glass, tight and un-effusive on opening, but a decant starts showing plenty of classic Cabernet goodness. Deep bitter cherry fruit slides alongside rich rosy floral, dark chocolate, and cassis-driven earthy briar, making a full, steady nose, relatively simple, but harking back to textbook claret.

Good concentration on the palate, nothing dastardly or mind-boggling, just calm, solid Cab nuances. It feels FAR more *Los Olivos* or *Sonoma* than almost any Paso version of the variety: spicy and acid-based, the fruit a simple cherry, with pomegranate pith controlling the easy tannins. While it’s balanced enough to probably sleep in the cellar for a decade, you won’t be able to. The whole package is easy and relaxed, not shooting for the stars, but–most importantly–also not placating the juicy-juice sweet-fest demo most wines are guilty of at this price-point.

Get on the list, WATCH for them, and snap them up on release. Daily-drinking economy on a snobby level, and as Paso Cabs continue to hit the 50-100 buck-level with increasing frequency, this wine is a blessing.

2018 NSO by Dusty Nabor Cabernet Sauvignon Paso Robles California 14.5

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