No Rush

I believe this is my first 17. After the hubbub of 15-16 and then 18, I think 2017 kinda got put on the back burner. Found this little satellite in the cellar–alone, which usually means I bought it as an experiment and never tried it: to consideration for more. And it’s a rather boring little wine. Dark and flush, it feels quite ripe, but hollow. Flinty, toasty nose of fruit not quite ‘flabby’, but lacking fresh vigor. Quite concentrated in the mouth–and reasonably balanced–but again: bereft of complexity or anything interesting. I suppose–considering their value–a couple of these in the cellar *might* polish out to something moderately beautiful in a decade, but only if you’re really bored.

2017 CHATEAU ROCHER-CALON ME/cab 90/10 Montagne-St-Em Bordeaux 14.0

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