So Fresh

Bangin at all your green floral cravings, a sharp vegetal ripeness is your vibrant young Cote Rotie nose. A bouquet swaying even into the riper, fleshier crus of Beaujolais, with tomato-vine and earthy ire resplendent on clearly warm fruit.

On the palate, there’s no denying the sear of the Ballard Canyon brand. Bottomless plump cherry in a pie-thickened reduction not only washes the attack, but lies thick and stewwy under the core. Watery texture is a welcome enhancement, but the juxtaposition leaves a hole where spice or briar might reside. I am confident a little rest on this brash youngster will add complexity to its current bikini-body of unmitigated yumminess. This is a charmer–there’s no doubt–and I’m probably being a little hard too hard on it, considering the price-point and unique blend. A wine chameleon-ing perfectly between mid-day picnic and early-evening soiree, but I think in a year it could hit the main stage.

2020 STOLPMAN ‘La Cuadrilla’ SY/GR/sangio 70/15/15 Ballard Canyon SYV 14.5

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