Thursday Night

In order:
2008 HAWKES Estate Alex Chard No age no color no reduction no premox sharp and light and boring. Just astonishing how UNMOVED it is and I wish I had notes on it when I tasted & bought in 2010 at the winery. Where is is going? What is it doing? Why? What happened? So many questions.
2018 DOMAINE SERENE Evenstad Res Chard 13.1 a bit oaky, nice acid, fruit mired in decent minerality, not sure 80$ chard tho
2004 DOMAINE DE NALYS CdP 14.5 Kinda past prime, funky nose, awkward finish, fell apart
2017 PLESSY? PLESEC? Some “MW SELECTION”‘Galets Blonds’ CdP 15.0 young, kinda boring but good, super ripe. Several people have said this was a C****O special.
2019 BEAUCASTEL ‘Coudoulet’ CdR 14.5 miserably corked my first corked Perrin ever, although I wish I could say the same thing about Tablas–where LITERALLY every third Esprit I open is bad.
2006 SHARP’S HILL ‘Cuvee Rouge’ cab/ME/PV 60/30/10 Kiler Cyn Paso 14.2 shock to the system in this grouping, lush and ripe and concentrated and ponderous. Not feeling tired, just kinda syrupy.
2019 BEAUCASTEL ‘Coudelet’ CdR 14.5 WOTN beautiful fruit, nice structure, infantile but balanced, not super mind-blowing tho but in this rather-yawny line-up, easily the winner–despite the fact I despise the #winebro necessity of *winners* at wine-tastings. My thoughts on this wine are well-documented: it is my absolute favorite Beaucastel EVER and I will take it ANY day over the ‘Chateau’ CdP.
2013 GOLDENEYE PN Gowan Creek Anderson Valley 14.5 shock to the system #2 just the biggest lushest ripest concentrated oak-fest imaginable literally pancake syrup and sure to be a crowd-pleaser with the 99%.

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