I can’t believe it’s not Butter

A rather expressive and beautifully dry pet-nat–one of the best I’ve had in recent memory. Absolutely GORGEOUS color: light pink on casual observation–ambering onion-skin upon closer consideration. No sediment. Generous mousse: the crown-cap comes off with a shocking PFFFT, but no accidents out of the neck as can sometimes be experienced with the wild-cards of the style. Heady foam settles down quickly–no traveling bubbles from the base–and once your nose is safe to approach, a beautiful peachy-rose exudes, sharply rimmed with smooth vegetal and a dusty–almost smoky–patina.

Tasting it is complete joy: more peach and apricot spice up bright strawberry in a ridiculously full mouthfeel prodded with shards of acidic and sparkling glass. Zesty and brilliant, packed with an amount of fruit rivaling young California methode sparklers of classic Pinot & Chard origin.

Easily one of the best versions of the style I have sampled: it honestly drinks like Champagne. I am going to brown-bag this to our next sparkling get-together and I can’t WAIT to see people’s faces. An effortlessly stunning wine, completely blowing away 99% of competition. You will not BELIEVE it’s pet-nat.

2020 MAISON CROCHET ‘Pet’ Native’ Gamay/PN/Auxerrois 65/25/10 Bulligny Lorraine France 6g/l 12.5


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