St. George Protect Us

An extremely interesting red wine–perhaps the first 100% I have had on the blog–pulling sharp contrasts across the palate and not easy to pigeon-hole. Deep glowing dark purple, the edge gradually thinning to bright pink. BBQ-meaty and dense in the nose, vibrant sake-ish round texture flush with crisp berry–plum and green pear–not particularly effusive, with a distinct ripeness lurking. Crazy juxtapositions of *position* present themselves: an almost Gamay-meets-Syrah or Chinon-meets-Grenache situation avails its curiosities across the bouquet and palate. Though this is classically a South-France variety, nowhere is the cheap toasty roughness those wines often present.

In the mouth, acid immediately is the driving force, so bright, so delicately–and yet densely–fruited. It’s sharp, driving spritely vigor into every pore, a cola-esque umami shaping tobacco and licorice into cherry-drenched forms dancing with enthusiasm. It’s obviously ripe, but my typical guesses at ABV waver across the charts. I *feel* it is over 15-oh, but oh man does it present lighter. The black richness on the nose and palate does not lie though not a trace of heat exists. Mild tannins worked perfectly into the acid and fruit, the finish sweet and sharp while not overly-drying.

An astonishing bottle of wine, complex and European while well-dosed in California sunshine. I have no idea what the prescribed-agebility of Negrette is, but I feel this thing could polish out for an EASY decade in the cellar. You’ve never had anything this good from an odd variety. Just a stupidly-good bottle of wine and my favorite from this producer to date. GET SOME!

2017 DUBOST Negrette Calleri Vyd. San Benito Co. California 15.25

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