A Red-Wine-Drinker’s SB

This is a Sauvignon Blanc fitting all the classic profiles–unmistakable blind–but with its own special touches toning down some of the overt nuances the variety is famous for. Intense sweet floral in the nose–an almost Malvasia Bianca sorta concentration of rich fruit and flower. Of course, there’s a minty eucalyptus, warm Naugahyde grassy vegetal to it–it wouldn’t be SB without. Rich in bouquet–packed with apricot and ripe plum–despite the pale canary in the glass it is a powerful white wine.

Bitter acidic spice accompanies more sweet fruit on entry, not letting the concentration get outa hand. MASSIVE core of stone-fruit and tropical, the absolute richness is shocking. Nearly syrupy in texture, but plenty of lime citrus and mineral base hold the fruit in teeth-wiping dedication. Quite possibly one of the most concentrated versions of this variety I have experienced, it is a HUGE, delicious white wine. And from Arizona.

2020 ARIDUS Sauvignon Blanc Cochise Co. Arizona 12.6


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