Family Style

Another $35 resty-list find, just BLISTERINGLY solid, easily trumping most everything on the menu for double that and beyond. Dark opaque purple-ruby, smelling grimy and weedy between thick layers of black fruit. Extremely concentrated in the nose, feels like American oak, copious reduced cherry and sharp blood-orange make up a jam-packed bouquet.

The mouth-feel is awash in thick berry, macerated to Napa-cab levels and lined with dust and chalkiness–the distinct vegetal never skipping a beat. Thick and brilliant over the middle, the finish wound tight with powerful tannin and peppery nuances approaching *heat*. An absolute CROWD-PLEASER if you could get American heads wrapped around words like “Rioja” and “crianza” and “Tempranillo”…. I mean… this wine borders on flat-out “yummy”.

2017 FAMILIA MONTANA Temp/Grac 97/3 Crianza Rioja DOC Spain 14.0

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