Blue-rimmed ruby in the glass, dark and gorgeous, with all that great peppery weediness in the nose we love in this variety. Root-beer and dense candied plum and berry with mild earthiness running sharp and citrus-tinged.

All that peppery Cab-Franc goodness explodes yet again on the tongue. Thick cherry and raspberry drizzle across the palate, intense concentration and smoky kisses of oak polishing and richening a spicy mouth-feel lined with almost-minty bluster and all-star Santa Barbara verve.

This is a nicely-done, well-packaged, inexpensive second-label project from the PILLAR of Ballard Canyon: Michael Larner and is an absolute crowd-pleaser or BTG no-brainer. Put it on your list and watch people’s faces. Then they’re gonna order a second glass and pay for your bottle.

2019 EARTHFLUENCE Cabernet Franc Santa Barbara Co. 14.1

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