Anteprima Short-list

2021 LENOTTI ‘Decus’ Light dayglo pink, heady chalky bright vegetal topped with great strawberry & rich plum +so². In the mouth, fruit cascading all over sweet & glorious. I mean–if you’re going to drink really fruity rosé do it like THIS. Just absolutely gorgeous and one of those wines so ridic good when you taste it you’ll say, “McConnell LIKED this???!? ButButBut it’s too YUMMY!!!” This is not geeky stuff, ok? I mean we can make it that way if you want–it has the elements–but it’s just plain old good rosé cheery & glorious.

2021 TENUTA LA PRESA Light onion skin, strawberry and quince flow easy along streams of acid–all delicately balanced. Very nice. Vegetal so sweet smelling. In the mouth, very ‘winey’ I love this wine the peach & nectarine fruit so glorious. Just a stunner.

2021 CANTINA CAORSA Rich vegetal, beautiful nose, all cinnamon & herb tea with great mineral saline. Mouthfeel creamy & delicious, crisp and tight bristling with green raspberry & ire. Perfect.

NV MONTE DEL FRA ‘La Picia’ Extra Dry Spumante Pale Onion skin, severe petrol for the extra point. Strawberry rhubarb savory & perfectly berried–I can’t BELIEVE it’s extra dry. Crisp & biting perfect bubbles fabulous just gorgeous. Ridic good and I don’t drink extra dry’s.

2021 LA FRAGHE Good onion skin, pretty just PRETTY! Great floral, light vegetal. definite mineral nuances. Palate all soft peach & kiwi, acids clearly in balance producing a chubbier Chiaretto than typical. So good.

2019 GENTILI Methode Classico Brut Nature Creamy round In the nose really pale yellow, nice applesauce & pear-sauce. Sharp & structured, brilliant acid almost shrill but pulling back at the right creamy time. Full mousse & great green berry fruit. Bring your Franciacorta, Trentino and CA Sparkling at this thing!

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