Purple-black and dense with a thin pink rim, gorgeous nose of tart black cherry and rich blackberry, surrounded by sharp briar and the kind of dusty, cassis-driven earthy barnyard every true Cab-lover craves. Concentrated and glycerine-wrapped, it powers through the nose with plenty of acid and dried-spit charisma to avoid unctuousness. Oak, berry, and briar work seamlessly together into a wine you can literally close your eyes and smell for DECADES.

I will also nod to this winery for gobs of information not only on label, but full geeky disclosure on the website. Not that I *NEEDED* to know it was 3.7 and 6.0 and a ton-and-a-half/acre, but us in the back rows appreciate it.

In the mouth, the fresh deliciousness of the fruit is backed up handsomely by structure. Supple and approachable on one hand–glaringly young and ageable on the other. This really reminds me of Alexander Valley: a favorite region of mine where classical nuances have largely not been glossed over for marketing to the American palate. The cherry so direct and vivacious; the grate of tannin omnipresent; the ripeness diced with blunt bite; all working towards a near-perfect glassful. Bitter maraschino and black walnut defy syrupy conundrums and chalky green spirit invites too-young observations in a category beset with early appreciation. It’s actually quite thin on the tongue, allowing constantly-expanding directives of decadence room to breathe. Buy a case: drink one every-other year. Yes, I want to taste this with you in 2 decades.

2018 REVELRY VINTNERS Cabernet Sauvignon Red Mt. Walla Walla Washington 14.8

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