Spear Fishing

THE most exquisite perfume flows out of this one: rich, delicious berry–plump and round–worn wood and sweet leather texture, a spicy note of cola and Dr. Pepper mired in earthy splendor. The fragrance hits on Pinot-levels, but the absolute plushness of Grenache is impossible to miss. Clear, bright ruby with an edge going both pink and garnet, the nose going on and on with calm, fruity precision. So luscious and dark.

Tasting it pops everything up from the bouquet with bright deliverance. Rich and supple, acidic shards of spice and alcohol lightening and tightening across the palate. Boysenberry and blueberry carry savory instincts of classic tapenade and barnyard, but in a package so New World direct and flush with concentrated fruit quite defying the transparent presentation. SOOOO rich and thick in the mouth, but tell-tale Spear grip and edgy mineral display fog-drenched east-facing slope typicity. Ridiculously citrus clean and shockingly bright, the underpinnings of decadent fruit only icing on a shrill cake.

These wines are now selling out with disappointing regularity despite Dusty being the *new kid on the block*, so experiencing them almost REQUIRES a sign-up spot. You’ve been warned.

2020 DUSTY NABOR Grenache Spear Vyd. Santa Rita Hills Santa Barbara Co. 14.5


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