St. Supery Protect Us

A bit of a gimme tonight… I have wines stacked up on my desk to review and drafts for days of meaningful samples, but have to take pause to highlight this wine because–honestly–that’s why this blog exists: to talk about the wines we drink and this resty-list find could NOT go un-ordered or un-mentioned. And it turns out to be their only bottle. Finding it on a list is reason enough, and I HAD to order it… I mean: come ON!!!!

Dark golden amber in the glass, a nose buttery and sweet while grinding sharp vegetal into polished reduction and carmelization. Bruised tomato and chunky tropical fruit, the spice rubbed down to smooth 5-spice and candied applesauce, but without cloying aspects. I won’t suggest where this wine might be in another half-decade, because TODAY it is gorgeous, the decadence of its demeanor perfectly aligned with our rich dishes of roasted beet, pork belly and duck.

In the mouth, heady pear and plum reduction react along dusty lines of salty pungency. It’s clean. It’s focused. It’s sharp and acidic while still presenting dessert-like qualities of white-wine age. The big question is: how much Semillon is in it, because this classic blend will carry key-notes of ageability in that quotient. Buttery and thick, probably at near-peak, the pure POWER this wine shows reflects the magnificence of Sauv-Blanc: done right, and in the right hands. Drinking this wine is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and WHY I had to order this last bottle and share it with anyone willing and curious. Fruit fades off near-middle into peppery situations of almost-tannin, but sweet nuances linger. The label says “drink through 2015” which we DESTROYED by nearly a decade. I wouldn’t trade this sensation for anything.

2006 ST. SUPERY ‘Virtu’ Meritage SB/Sem 52/48 Napa Valley 13.5

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