Sweet ratchety fruit, bruised and blunt with weedy angst. Curvy cherry lays down pompous beats of hot-rod day-glo and tire rubber in a brilliant light ruby headed purple haze and fire-engine sunsets. Clean and chalky in the nose, portions of a bitter green tattoo visible where touchable lines head down into imagination.

“Ah yes,” my Zinfandel friend says, “let me introduce you to some of my favorite things.” The raspberry roars in anger, pitch-perfect in blast, orange Tic Tac spewing Alaskan mint and hardened varnish across a watery pool NOT frazzled with alcoholic manifest destiny or cluttery old-vine complications. Charmingly unpopular complications massage dark, salty graininess into areas you’re now lucky enough to touch; sweat glistens like dew on goose-pimple pores erect in baby-powder dryness. Batting way out of your league here, son.

2019 DEUX PUNX ‘Old Vine’ Zinfandel Del Barba Vyd. Contra Costa Co. California 13.3


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