No Secrets Here

The bitter crispness this wine packs into its lush stuffing is amazing. Smoky, tropical haze blows across the nose, a churlish spicy ire igniting sensation atop ridiculous cherry thickness. Steely mineral glances off berry barely settling down, but definitely delicious at age 3. It’s rich. It’s staining. It’s nearly impenetrable–the ruby rim dazzling in clarity.

Decanted heavily.

Time stops when you taste it. Or at least everything goes orgasmically slow-motion. Pin-pointing the great bits becomes a chore, as dicing this thing into byte-sized points nearly detracts from the supreme balance and absolute *togetherness* the wine struts. The cherry high-noted and raspy, while voluminously concentrated. Sunny ridgelines of volcanic and scrub contribute place-notes of dusty splendor and black-walnut texture. Pure luxury trickles into deeply-probed areas of your throat, but never an overwhelming moment arises. Cool and calm with restrained alcohol and delicate oak, this quite possibly might be my most-favorite Secret Door ever. The pure power shown here is humbling and knee-knocking–the gravitas nearly unmentionable. Buy as much as you can afford.

2018 SECRET DOOR ‘Block 38’ Cabernet Sauvignon Sage Ridge Vyd Napa Valley 14.0

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